HIV, Stop biases: Modes of Contamination

There is too much biases around the transmission of HIV, we clarify things!


There are 3 modes of HIV infection:


1. With sex

This is the most common mode of transmission, but not all sexual practices are at risk. For example, oral sex or cunnilingus received does not present a risk but to give it with a lesion such as a mouth ulcer, gingivitis, exposes you to contamination.


2. Contact with blood

Sharing a syringe or straw while sniffing exposes you to the virus if one of the users is sick.


3. During pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding

A mother who is HIV positive can transmit the virus through blood or vaginal secretions during delivery but also through breast milk.



There are only these modes of contamination.


You will never be at risk with a kiss, a cough, insects and even less with a handshake!


Here is a small summary table.