Lose weight by doing a sex-based diet!

Sport Club are not your favorite place, when you have the choice you prefer to stay under the duvet in your bed. But if you could make sports from your bedroom and enjoy it? Goodbye Calories!

We explain you how to lose calories with sex! This is our sports kamasutra:


1/ Even if you are alone…

Maybe you already have the solution in your hands, the masturbation. So, in solitary pleasure or with someone else, it is at least 150 calories lost, so why deprive yourself?


2/ The strip-tease dance

Have fun and catch your partner’s attention with a striptease, you are sure to burn at least 60 calories and if you add fun and madness to your dance, the calories will fly away, in addition to amuse and seduce your viewer!


3/ An appetizer that makes you lose weight?

Oral sex can me you lose about 100 calories and more oral sex or cunnilingus lasts longer more you will lose. So take your time, make appreciate the moment to your partner for you also enjoy a weight loss!


4/ Warming up

Give yourself real preliminaries, caresses, sensuality but also take the time to bicker with your partner. A moment of complicity to raise the temperature that will cost you at least 90 calories for 15 minutes of preliminaries, so feel free to make it last!


5 / The base

Who says the missionary is boring, the movement of the hips is enough to make you lose at least 200 calories so no excuses.


6/ The ride

In the Amazon position, with the woman above, it’s more than 350 calories lost. So ladies, take the front!



7/ In crawling position

The doggy style is the number 1 position, your partner in crawling position turns back to the campanion and moves back and forth. Of course for both partners to make same effort, coordinate your movements of the lower back. With this position lose more than 450 calories!


8 / All on the bridge

After the doggy style, the position of the small bridge is an inverted doggy, instead of having the face to the ground, the partner turns his head to the ceiling with arms and legs stretched or arched. Once you’ve found your position, it’s not a complicated, we promise and you’ll lose 500 calories.


9/ Please Stand Up

Sex standing, it can be complicated but once you have the technique is sport but it’s cool! And if you have cardio, try to hold on to lose at least 600 calories and more!


10/ The ultimate

Sex is good, orgasm is better! And if in addition to that you reach Nirvana, it’s still at least 70 calories lost!


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