The best way to delay ejaculation: Make the pleasure last!

One man on three suffer of premature ejaculation, but this subject is taboo.

But to make the moment last, thinking about something very confusing is not the best solution! We give you some tips to spend longer under the duvet!


Get to know you

Knowing the position in which you are most effective to control you, it sounds stupid but that is the best key and it is related to the next point.


Have sex more often!

As we told you, to know you but also to become more enduring, in every sense of the word!


Take a break

Do not be afraid to stop, however it does not mean that you have to stop giving pleasure to your partner, otherwise it can be difficult to get back into the action especially for your partner.


Choose the good condom

Do not choose too tight but the best thing to do is to wear a delaying condom. And you can associate that with a lubricant.