Who to talk about sexuality ?

Talking about sexuality is sometimes taboo but as with everything, communication is the key!

So who are the good people to talk to and what are the skills of a particular professional? We explain all that to you.


Why do we have to talk about sex and especially about our feelings?

Because no one can know for us what our desires and expectations are! So unless your partner is a mentalist, expressing yourself is the best way to be understood!


But then, with whom to talk about that?

The person who shares your life : Because it is the first concerned and that if there is someone who should understand you it is him or her. It is not always easy for you to find the right words and the good time, but more we talk about it, more the discussion is fluid.

Our friends: Because speak about gossip. So about embarrassing questions or crazy anecdotes you can share that with them.

Your family: And especially your children / parents, because sexuality is not taboo and it will avoid big mistakes with bad repercussions.

With professionals: Because no matter what you have to ask, no shame or fear to have with the professional secrecy and especially because they surely have a technical answer to your embarrassment.


But again the question is which professionals to choose and for what?


  • Nurses: present also in school, they are accessible for the young people very easily to advise you, to inform you but they can also deliver you the emergency contraception.
  • Doctors: Generalist, gynecologist and midwife, these professionals can advise you on contraception and give a prescription but you can also consult them in case of disorders, medical problem to have an expert opinion.
  • Sexologist: he is here to talk about sex as his name suggests, erectile dysfunction, low libido and blockage of any kind, find a solution with him.
  • Associations and educators: it’s free and they are there to listen to you, guide you and find the solution that suits you.
  • Pharmacists: they also can deliver emergency contraception as well as advise you on every contraceptions but also in relation to your prescriptions.
  • Conjugal counselors: problem of sexuality in your couple, it is to them that it is necessary to turn.

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