Happy New Year !

Goodbye year 2018 and … Welcome year 2019!


What are your good resolutions for this new year?

Resume sport activities? Stop smoking ? Give your couple more time?


For this last resolution, Soft Condom offers you an original boost to stimulate your sexual relations, in a simple and smart way.

Because yes, use a condom is not always a painful action, which is a barrier to romanticism or eroticism.

You should know how to use the right condom that will be discreet, and so thinner, for always more sensation. Thus, Soft Condom invites you to try the condom Soft Invisible, elected best condom 2016 by the French website Le Roi de La Capote : an award granted for its connivance and resistance. Be confident its quality is guaranteed. Finally, all this attributs for a cheap price.