Happy Valentine’s day !

For Valentine’s Day, the Soft Condom team wishes to present and propose various romantic sexual positions that could stimulate and create romance to this special evening.

  1. The Yin and Yang


This position of extreme proximity, will bring you closer with your partner in the most intimate way it is. For its execution, hold the gaze of your partner, embrace your legs and move on one another with slow and gentle impulses while swaying. In order to be in total osmosis, do not speak and listen to your partner breath.


  1. Hot Bathing


What’s better than a hot bath to warm up for Valentine’s Day ? In order to create your universe, light candles, decorate the place with rose petals, perfume your water …

Get settled in the water romantically and caress each other, while enjoying your partner’s body.

Forget everything, take your time and live the moment of unique character.


  1. Romantic bondage


You may not have tried it yet but you are waiting for the right moment ? Why not try the exploratory BSDM experience for Valentine’s Day ? Test the consulted submission and allow your partner to attach your wrists to a fixed, solid object. Play the game and ask your partner to issue erotic orders such as “touch me ! “Excite me ! Or “make love to me ! “. Alternate between severity and tenderness, with sweet kisses for ever more romance.