Tips to improve your sex appeal !

Do you like a person and want to please him/her too ? Do you feel that you do not please as before, or not as you wish ?

Learn first to love yourself and to love your body !


And yes ! It is obvious that if you do not trust your body or do not like it, it will be difficult to make someone appreciate it …

Do not stop on your imperfections and focus on your strengths. You may not know it, but your smile is devastating.

Be attentive with yourself and play with your qualities. Finally, when you analyze your strengths, take care of them and sublimate them.


Restore confidence in yourself !


Do not hide, be sure of yourself. We all have a unique personality, develop your curiosity and be yourself without doubting yourself. Be careful, do not become an arrogant person either. Find your inner peace by doing things that you like and you succeed, these successes will shape you and make you progress, on a personal but also sentimental level.


Be confident but mysterious !


An open person is always appreciated unlike a person who is withdrawn and too shy. But do not reveal your whole person from the beginning !

Keep a piece of mystery when you introduce yourself. The interest is to sharpen the curiosity of your interlocutor on your personality. Make yourself interesting and encourage the person to ask you questions about your life.