Woman day & Ultimate Confort

A little history :


International Women’s Rights Day is celebrated on March 8th.

In 1977, the United Nations formalized this day, and encouraged all countries to honor a day for women’s rights.

This day is the result of feminist struggles on the European and American continents, claiming more equality in rights. Initially, activists organized demonstrations to improve the status of women.


A revolutionary tampon :


For this special and historic day, Soft Condom wishes to present one of these products: the europharma tampon.

The majority of women on earth know each month, what is called “the periods”. This hormonal phase is natural and known for its inconvenience. On the European and American continents, menstruation is no longer really taboo and hygienic protections are developing more and more to improve women’s comfort.

Today, Soft Condom, believes that marketing and democratization of products to improve women’s comfort is part of a constant progress to improve the status of women.


The product Soft Condom :


The Europharma tampon is a new innovative sponge pad, without string, which adapts to all morphologies, invisible and comfortable during menstruation.

It will not bother you during your sports activities and allows you to have sex.

With a very high absorption capacity, it provides you with unique and optimal protection for 8 hours!