Our range of condoms, lubricating gels and probe covers are a medical devices, manufactured according to EC standard-(directive 93/42EEC)
Mandatory marking in the addition of standards:

  • ISO 9001 : 2008
  • ISO 13485 : 2003
  • EN ISO 13485 : 2012

An annual audit of our production plant by a notified body allows the appraisal and monitoring of the brand.
The notified body SGS issued a quality certificate of production allowing the CE0120


The condom remains the best protection against AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and,of course, a contraception method.

In case of doubt, we recommand to consult a doctor immediately, to visit a screening center or to call free phone number :


The screening test
To take a test is always a voluntary act, and it is 100% reliable.
How to make a test ?
The test can be prescribed by a doctor (fully reimbursed by Social Security) or practiced in an anonymous and free testing center. There is at least one center in each city.
When to take a test ?
In theory, anyone who has had unprotected sexual intercourse, or another risky behavior such as using a previously used needle should be tested. Testing too early is not necessary, but you should not wait 3 months after taking a risk as previously believed. The test should be done 2 weeks after the last sexual intercourse. This delay is necessary for the antibody to appear, which will permit the identification of HIV virus.
Should we repeat the test?
When an early test has been carried out, its results should be checked.
How long does it take to know the result?
The delay can vary. Some screening centers, anonymous and free, especially in Paris area, deliver the results within 8 days.
Who announces the result ?
The doctor who has prescribed the test (in this case, the laboratory of biological analyzes sends the result to him) or the doctor of the screening center. In theory, the test results should not be communicated by mail, or by phone. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes.
What are the consequences of the test ?
They are obviously different according to the results. In case of positive results, a blood test will be necessary to make health check, to consider medical follow up and if necessary adequate medical care. A negative test, however, does not imply that you do not have to protect yourself in the future.